HID xenon ballasts / starters

The best HID xenon ballast is bought here at Retrofitlab.com. After extensive testing of all kinds of HID ballasts we opted for the renowned brand Aharon what is synonymous for quality, durability, reliability and a very fast start. Within 5 seconds your xenon lamps are warmed up!

Don't you just hate flickering lights, feeble light output, error messages on the dashboard and reduced vision because one of your xenon lamps receives too little power from the HID ballast? A common problem is that a lot of HID ballasts do not actually produce the needed 35 watts but only between 30 and 32 watt. Our ballasts do not! They all have built-in canbus function and a unique Quick Start function and these digital powerhouses are protected with Tech-flex mesh which protects the high voltage wire insulation. It protects from the feared danger of heat in the engine compartment where no coolant comes in.

You will also receive mounting brackets with your xenon HID ballast and stainless accessories. The xenon HID ballast created by Aharon has a standard built-in canbus function to cancel any error on the dashboard. In addition, the Slim version of the ballast provided by Retrofitlab is a very compact ballast which makes it possible to place the xenon ballast in your motorcycle. Hassle-free!

We provide 2 years warranty on every xenon HID ballast. You also get free personal customer support from Retrofitlab and to give you a step by step installation guide for your brand new xenon ballast. 

HID xenon ballasts / starters



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