We're pretty proud to show you our brand new headlight database! headlight database car logo'sWe litteraly worked days to bring this database into existence.

People often ask us which projectors we recommend for their vehicle. So this headlight database contains all our knowledge about motorcycle and car headlights. You'll also find the kind of sealing used (butyl or permaseal). When available, we also added links to pictures or video's of the projector retrofit of that specific vehicle.

There are a few kind of types headlights. The ones what need to be opened and the ones they can be replaced by the back of the housing. There are headlights with butyl sealant (easy opening by heating), permaseal sealant headlights (hard to open, and need to be removed completely) and the headlights just with clips... easier you can't find them :)

For other headlights it's just enough to get these out of the car and open the backside of the housing, there's enough space to unscrew the old projector and replace it by the new (and better) ones.


headlight database motor logo's

Please take a look at our headlight database (click) and feel free to let us know what you think about it. If you have any info about a vehicle that's not listed yet, please let us know so that we can add it. Also let us know if you think some details are not correct.

Thanks from the RFL team!