LED interior lights for Audi, BMW, Renault, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen cars. The best LED Interior lights are obviously bought at the aftermartket light expert from Europe, Retrofitlab! Tired of the halogen interior lights in your car? Want to get the real luxurious look inside your car? With this LED interior lights sets made specifically for your car it is just a walk in the park to replace them.

With Retrofitlab LED interior light sets, you can choose a 4300K ​​color temperature or 6000K (depending on type). All LEDs are of excellent quality that will last for years. The LEDs have the same or a little more light than standard halogen interior lighting. All sets have perfectly enough LEDs to replace all standard halogen bulbs inside the car.

For example: the LED interior light set for the Audi A6 includes:

  • 8x interior light
  • 2x mirror lighting
  • 2x footlights
  • 2x case
  • 4x door
  • 1x glove
  • 2x under front seats

Questions? Feel free to ask our experts. Offcourse you have a 2 year warranty on all LED interior lighting that you buy at our webshop!

LED interior bulbs



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