Bi-Led headlight for BMW R1200GS (2005-2012) BMW R1200GS Adv (2006-2013)

Bi-Led headlight for BMW R1200GS (2005-2012) BMW R1200GS Adv (2006-2013)

Bi-Led headlight for BMW R1200GS (2005-2012) / R1200GS Adv (2006-2013)

  • Better visibility
  • This product has an E-mark
  • Better visible for other traffic
  • LED lighting technology
  • Daytime running light
  • Not blinding for oncoming traffic
  • Easy installation
  • Reliable
  • 2-year warranty and 14-day returns
  • Fast worldwide shipping

Want to upgrade your lighting? Interested in LED lighting? Easy installation? Than this is the headlight you are looking for!
Let’s be honest, motorcycle headlights are quite disappointing when it comes to light output although this is an important part of a comfortable and safe ride. So upgrading your headlight really is a good idea. There are Aharon bi-xenon retrofit kits which offer a very good light output but installation can be a bit hard. So maybe you are looking for an easier to install option or a LED headlight... In that case, the BMW R1200GS (2005-2012) / R1200GS Adv (2006-2013) - LED headlight headlight ticks all the boxes. More light, easy installation and LED lighting technology.

Here’s why the Aharon LED headlight is a really bright choice:

  • Better visibility – Improved light output with LED light technology
    The light output on motorcycles is usually just dangerously bad. So one of the most important functions of an improved headlight is to improve the output. This LED headlight uses high quality LED’s for low and high beam to improve the output a lot. The LED high beam is also very bright, so this will even further improve the driving at night on dark roads.
  • Full-width vision
    Thanks to the incredible brightness, the wide beam of the headlight isn’t just some faint glow at its extreme ends; you’ll have plenty of light on the dark sides of the road.
  • Laser-sharp cutoff
    The beam pattern design features a laser-sharp cut-off, ensuring clear vision without distracting other traffic. Which you would when you use xenon or LED bulbs in the original halogen reflector headlight.
  • Better visible for other traffic – Daytime Running Lights
    On a motorcycle it is always important to be visible, day and night. Although low-beam is usually on, the daytime running lights are definitely an important aspect of being visible. The original daytime running lights are usually not more than a small weak light. To make sure you are more visible, the DRL’s on these headlights are way more powerful.
  • Reliable
    The use of LED’s ensures a reliable light and long time use. And a much smaller decrease in capacity over time as compared to xenon. For optimal performance, LED headlights need to be cooled properly, so they don’t loose output and have a long life span.
  • Easy installation
    Mounting the headlight is just a matter of removing the original one and replacing it by the new LED headlight. And wiring is also breeze, it’s just a matter of plugging in the original connector for low and high beam.
  • Looks
    When you (also) want to change the looks of the bike, this is an excellent choice. Because of the black inner part, the headlight looks better -in our and a lot of customers opinion- than the original chrome reflector.
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We look forward to brightening your day (not to mention your night)!

Bi-Led headlight for BMW R1200GS (2005-2012) / R1200GS Adv (2006-2013)

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    Bi-Led headlight for BMW R1200GS (2005-2012) / R1200GS Adv (2006-2013)

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