Ford Fiesta MK6 facelift (2013-2018) bi-xenon - Halogeen koplampen

Ford Fiesta MK6 facelift (2013-2018) bi-xenon - Halogeen koplampen

This Ford Fiesta MK6 facelift retrofit kit contains everything you need to convert your halogen headlamps into powerful bi-xenon projector headlamps. Custom made to fit into your existing headlights and including all the correct wiring and a selection of shrouds and more, it makes retrofit quick and easy. And, most importantly, it will take your Fiesta to the next level – just check out the test photos! This goes far beyond what most OEM projectors can achieve.

The EvoX-R 2.0 is without a doubt the most powerful bi-xenon projector our light meter has ever measured, allowing you to use the D1S, D2S, D3S and D4S OEM lamps, including the most powerful lamps from Osram and Philips. You will literally outperform the competition. With available color temperatures from 3,000K to 6,000K, the crystal-clear 3.0-inch lens projects a wide depth range with a solid hotspot and a sharp cutoff. As for the high beam? That's like the sun.

Such a light output would not be possible without efficient ballasts, and the supplied Aharon digital ballasts delivered in the test – unlike many other aftermarket ballasts – a full 35 Watts. The Aharon comes in a robust and extremely compact housing that is perfect for retrofit. The in-wire starter heats up xenon bulbs in just five seconds. It's also Canbus-proof, so you won't get a faulty lamp error message on your display. This ballast is the perfect complement to the included Ford Fiesta MK6 facelift wiring harness, which connects directly to the original wiring. A high beam splitter is also included, making it easy to connect the bi-xenon mechanism. The power supply is strong, stable and reliable.

The Aharon ballast ensures that you get the maximum possible light output. Other ballasts with AMP connectors are technically compatible with this kit, but may provide lower light output.

This complete Ford Fiesta MK6 facelift retrofit kit is inspected by our in-house quality control department prior to shipment and comes with a solid 2-year warranty. Also included is the highly rated technical support from the experts at

If you have any questions prior to purchasing, check out our FAQ page or start a chat at the bottom right. You can also download our free vehicle lighting brightpaper. There's nothing like a well-considered decision!

We look forward to lighting up your day (not to mention your night)!


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