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Aharon Mini D2S 2.0 - Bi-xenon projectors

This is the Mini D2S Bi-xenon projector! He is the charming brother of the Mini H1, sharing the characteristic of being small and easy to install in H4 headlights, without lacking a great performance!

Using D2S bulbs, the projectors are performing really well. The beam output is similar to the Mini H1, having a uniform spread of light. The high beam looks very much like the OEM Hella E55 Bi-xenon projector. Off course they also have a very sharp cutoff line like all our HID projectors.

For easy installation these projectors are ideal for H4 and 9003 headlight housings. Off course they can also be fitted in other headlight housings, but then the installation will need modification.

Disassemble your headlight, open your headlight using heat and simply insert the projectors into the original hole of the housing. Mount the projectors with the included adapter plates and nut. It’s automatically aligned, so then you can close and mount your headlight.

These projectors come standard with GTI-R shrouds with the easy shroud centric rings. All the shrouds whit shrouds centric rings can fit on the Mini D2S projectors.

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